Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Carrie on Christmas

In an effort to prevent my blog just being a weekly ramble on about all and sundry I decided to write a Christmas poem.  Here's my effort:

Carrie on Christmas

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Despite having blogged for Platform since August and despite some of my posts having attracted a few comments I've never really thought that very many people actually read it.  I just always thought that plenty of people would click through to it, far more than would comment, but then they'd get bored after a couple of sentences and go elsewhere.

Well it seems I may be wrong...  A post I did recently on the weighting of TMAs to exams has, to date, attracted a whopping and pretty mind bloggling 92 comments!!  Granted a couple of them are from me but still, that's phenomenal!!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read the blog, and even bigger thanks to those who took the extra time to comment.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Left is clearly right

I'm a leftie.  A southpaw.  A sinistra.  Call me what you want, I'm proud to be in the minority of people who are left-hand dominant.

I happened to notice in my recent O U exam that there were a lot of other lefties there too so I wrote a blog about it:

Left is clearly right

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

In which I play Devil's Advocate

I never intend to cause controversy, but I often think people don't fully understand the concept of playing devil's advocate and try to argue with me on topics saying they disagree with me...  Well if I'm playing devil's advocate then you can't disagree with me because it's not my opinion I'm giving.

My newest blog post is about the rise in tuition fees and in it I do just that - put forward the argument FOR the fee increase.  It's not my personal opinion, just a look at the subject from an alternative vantage point.

As an ex-philosophy student I'm very much used to having to argue a side I don't agree with.  Here it is.

In which I play Devil's Advocate