Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What I learned in school last week

Well not quite in school but it sounded better.
I signed myself up on a seminar which took place last Friday to do with third sector policy making.  When I was there, one of the speakers was telling a tale about a time when he was speaking to a group of NEETs (not in education, employment or training), and asking them what their dreams for the future were.  Many of them came up with fantastic and colourful descriptions of how they wanted their lives to be in the future and this speaker was very impressed with their responses.  When they'd finished telling him their dreams, he said to them "right, what have you done TODAY to help you achieve that dream?".  This struck a chord with me, I'm never going to reach my end goal unless I make steps, even tiny little ones, at any opportunity I can.

The seminar was a disappointment on the whole but at least I took that one thing away from it and it has renewed my enthusiasm.  Hey...  I started this blog didn't I?!


  1. Proud pops here...
    The term "vampiritic thirst" well sums you up, for knowledge that is!!!

  2. Good on you! Will follow your steps from now on.