Friday, 20 August 2010

Zinn and the art of mountain biking [sic]

I went out for a pootle on my mountain bike last night with a few friends to the local woods (I say local, they're actually 18 miles from my house but who's counting when the singletrack is that good!).  Among these friends were two Doctors.  One MD and one PhD.  Both are well aware of my blog and my aspirations to join the ranks of academia.  In a jesting tone whilst discussing the finer points of mountain bike trail building and maintenance I said to Dr PhD "no fair, I want a PhD too", to which he simply replied "work harder".



  1. Nice bike Caz....Don't know where you ride but hopefully you give it the punishment it so deserves?

    Kind of thought that you wouldn't have anything relevant to say to me, but only read three posts and already feel connected...

    I ride, all the time!!!

    On a more pertinent subject,
    Feel completely out of my depth...
    Question my abilitiy and am Sooooooooooo ready to give up before i even start, but also in the back of my mind i know that i am capable.
    Starting a foundation course in Psychology in 4 weeks, shitting myself.
    Good to know i'm not the only doubter in the house.
    Keep the posts up, it's keeping me grounded and i'm going through your back catalogue.
    Cheers mate.

  2. Wow, thanks for that comment Mystery Visitor!

    My bike doesn't get the punishment it once did, took it to France last year and gave it some abuse but it's barely been out this year (but that's in part due to my better half slipping a disc rendering him incapacitated for large chunks of time). I'll rectify it though.

    I'm glad there's someone else who feels the same way I do about their studies and their own abilities. I question mine all the time but it's mainly just to protect myself SHOULD I do badly. In reality I'm perfectly capable as long as I put the time in.

    Keep commenting!! And join in on Platform too.

  3. Something's wrong, it's 7:50 on Friday morning yet my comment claims it's 8 hours ago... Does this mean I'm still in bed?