Thursday, 14 October 2010

It's one of the s7ven deadly sins isn't it?

My head is utterly done-in with Philosophy.  It's my final exam tomorrow and quite frankly I think I'll be lucky if I can remember ANY of the names of the ga-zillion theories in order to write a coherent and logical response to any one of the 3 out of 10 questions I have to answer.  My thoughts have been completely consumed with my exam over the last couple of weeks and it's starting to get me down.

I'm a fairly intelligent person and I'm hoping that once I get sat down in the exam room, calm my nerves and take the time to think about my answers and write some notes that I'll be fine, but at the minute I truly feel as if I'll not remember enough to be able to answer the questions.  I've found this module very challenging; perhaps more challenging than I can realistically cope with but if I can just get through this exam and get a pass (even if it's a bare pass) I'll be suitably pleased with myself.

I've had a very eventful couple of weeks to unproductively distract me from exam revision; been down to Walton Hall twice for meetings as a Central Representative, have gone through the election process for OUSA Executive Committee member for the North and am awaiting closing date for ballots to find out if I've been elected or not, I've had the chance to meet Robyn from the OU's Platform team a couple of times and have made myself a good friend there, and a whole host of other things with the exception of going out and doing something nice with my beloved Gordon.


After my exam tomorrow, Gordon and I are going to paint the town red.  Well, we're gonna go to the cinema and go for a slap up meal (not quite red, maybe maroon).  Can't rest for too long though, TMA01 for DD305 is due in by Wednesday lunch time and I have a school Governors meeting on Wednesday evening.

No rest for the wicked, I'm obviously a glutton for punishment.


  1. Luck Caz, let us know how you got on!

  2. Hi Caz, Just concentrate and do it! Kind regards, nilo

  3. Good luck Caz I will be thinking of you and keep everything crossed! Let me know how you get on Lots of love and profoundly happy thoughts Ayesha xx