Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A little perspective

A colleague of mine from the board of governors has just tweeted today to say she's been offered a place at Newcastle University to do a Masters in British History. I'm thrilled for her, naturally, but this will be her THIRD masters degree. She already has an MA from Newcastle University in European History and an MRes from Northumbria University in History. Brainiac or what?! Love it.

Makes me feel a bit pathetic for all the hype I've given to my own masters degree and puts it into perspective a little. I haven't even started my Masters yet and here's Helen about to start her third, I've gotta rein in the excitement a bit...

She's hoping this next masters will bolster her chances of getting accepted to do a PhD. She certainly deserves it; you have to admire someone with such determination and eagerness to learn.

Helen, I tip my hat to you, you're an inspiration.

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