Saturday, 24 July 2010

I Kant write this Hume-ungous essay...

I'm busy writing a TMA for my current course which is a critical analysis of a subject which Philosophers David Hume and Immanuel Kant somewhat disagree on - the involvement of the imagination in proving the existence of the external world.  Deep eh.  Not really, Philosophy's one of those subjects which always sounds complex and involved and while I'm not saying it's easy it's not impossible either, takes a lot of concentration though.  The good thing about Philosophy is that a lot of it is down to interpretation.  Of course you have to have the skill to be able to pick holes in everyone's arguments and back up your hole-picking with evidence or solid theory but that's something the Open University course material forces you to do brilliantly.  I do love the OU (in case you hadn't guessed...).
I went to an OU Open Day a few weeks ago and spoke to one of the Postgrad tutors about entry requirements for the MSc I want to do.  My degree with be a third Philosophy and I was concerned that it wouldn't be a favourable entry route for the MSc in Social (or Psychological, haven't decided yet) Research Methods however the tutor reassured me that Philosophy is a great route in and the skills I already have in reading and critical analysis will give me a great head start as it's one of the key aspects of the first couple of postgrad units.  That put my mind massively at ease.

As an aside, I got confirmation from my boss yesterday that both of the evening classes I've done lately (British Sign Language and Mental Health Awareness) are being paid for by the company so I'll get a nice refund of my course fees to go towards my final OU unit.  I don't think I've paid full price for ANY course I've done so far, someone's always willing to make a contrubution towards my furthering education.  I happily volunteer for anything too, the more experience and skills I can gain the better.  If any of these things make me stand out just a little bit on a PhD scholarship application then it's all been worth it.

Anyway.  Back to my Hume-ungous essay.

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  1. Yey, I scored 75% on this TMA! And I owe it all to Elle Woods ;o)